A box of tapes uncovered. A lifelong Utopian obsession. A daughter’s attempt to complete her father’s final film. Wintopia traces the enigmatic footsteps of renowned documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick through the lens of his daughter, Mira, as she tries to decipher the map he has left behind. Reverberating with emotion and whimsy, the film guides us on a journey through possible worlds in pursuit of reconciliation, both between artist and family and between dreams and reality. FREE STREAMING in Canada. MORE INFO including how to rent the film outside of Canada.




2012. documentary short. 33min. co-writer. Best Short Doc at Eugene International Film Fest.

Proud of her Canadian grandfather who served with the Allies in WWII, a young woman discovers a photograph of her late Austrian grandfather during a visit to her ancestral home, in full Nazi uniform. She struggles to reconcile how the two men she loved as a child could have battled on opposite sides.


2009. 85 min. co-director / camera / assembly editor. VOD.

A father, Peter Wintonick, and his 19-year-old daughter, Mira, both filmmakers, take a cinematic roadtrip around the world. They trek through the present and future of film and image-making, using significant contemporary and historical cinematic sites and personal encounters as their points of departure. pilgrIMAGE is a trans-generational, cine-genetic meditation on media and its personal and social consequences. Equal parts verité film-journal, digital-diary and ciné-blog, through a series of Socratic father-daughter dialogues, gleaned from years of inter-continental film-gypsy journeys, they meet other renowned film ‘pilgrims’ and media practitioners. The goal is to transfer a bit of crazy wisdom between father and his daughter. From a renowned documentarian of cinema’s Generation Why? to those of the next-wave Generation D (as in digital) era.