loveme_logoFINAL Love Me is an original podcast from CBC Radio about the messiness of human connection. Hosted by Lu Olkowski, the show explores complicated relationships of all kinds, with a blend of true stories and playful fictions. Start with Episode 1: At a loss for words, or one of my favourites from season 1, Dear Dad, in which a son struggles with how to grieve his father: a millionaire turned convicted felon who committed suicide.


HOWL_COVER_PenPals_3000x3000_Final_NoTagPen Pals is a comedy-fiction series that puts unlikely pairs in conversation. Listen to our first episode, in which Romeo and Juliet send each other frantic texts, when things go slightly awry in the afterlife. Featuring Paul Rust and Noël Wells. The series also features Nietzsche, Amelia Earhart, Nancy Drew and Charlie Chaplin, among others. You can hear the full series on Stitcher Premium.


Had such fun producing this piece with Cristal Duhaime for BBC that blends reality and fiction to explore a parasitic relationship.

Thanks to the brilliant Falling Tree Productions for inviting us to make this!


A selection of award-winning pieces I wrote, co-wrote, edited, mixed and/or produced for CBC’s WireTap.

Get Seasons 6-11.


muriel burt and baby mira
A box of old audio tapes dug up from the basement bring Muriel’s memory back to life. [TCIAF Award for Best New Artist, Radio Documentary, 6:28, Winter 2006, mp3]


Soundscape in uterium for an unseen film. [Ambient Soundscape, 11:38, Spring 2006, mp3]


(My very first student radio doc). Do you have a mega-memory? A radio doc on Alzheimer’s, music and the mind. [Radio Documentary, 9:08, Spring 2005, mp3]